Reach a truly captive audience?
Update campaigns quickly?
ailor campaigns with different creative?
With DisplayPoints' convenient and easy to use web portal, changes can be made in real-time. By using our web portal you avoid the ad serving costs associated with online advertising.
With DisplayPoints advertising you can provide different advertisements based on daypart, audience or purpose. You can include games, surveys, contests and anything you can do on the web today!
Customize advertising for different times of day?
Engage customers with compelling content?
DisplayPoints ads can take advantage of the device's built-in touch screen to engage the audience with follow-up messages, interactive games, text components and even to gather leads or generate sales. With DisplayPoints, direct response and measurement capabilities are built-in.
Precisely target a specific audience?
With DisplayPoints you can target your advertising by demographics, geography, venue and even down to precise tables. Plus you get precise control over reach and frequency of impressions.
Promote your product at the point of purchase?
Much of the time at a typical meal out is spent deciding what to purchase and then waiting for it to arrive. This is an ideal time to reach your audience..
With DisplayPoints your advertising is in front of the target audience for a minimum of 45-60 minutes. Plus you get their attention without having to compete with other advertising clutter.
Did you know... six views are required for a lasting impression. DisplayPoints delivers six impressions in a single average visit! This makes DisplayPoints advertising one of the most effective ways to reach customers. With an average dinner lasting at least 45 minutes to an hour your ad will be seen multiple times at a longer duration than other ad mediums--meaning greater impressions! Because your audience has time to wait engagment levels are high and measurable. Customers have overwhelmingly indicated their acceptance of DisplayPoints and have expressed high levels of intent to purchase based on DisplayPoints advertising.
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