DisplayPoints is an interactive digital media platform focusing on engaging consumers in destination locations like restaurants and bars. DisplayPoints enables advertisers to access their target audience in venues where they are captive, out-of-home, and ready to spend. Unlike web browsers with ad blockers, mobile devices with pull interactive ads, or TV with DVR, DisplayPoints places "browsers" on restaurant tabletops and in consumer venues where ads cannot be blocked.

DisplayPoints offers advertisers a targeted and measurable consumer interactive media vehicle they can customize by market and venue to assure the most efficient buy. The units are intrusive, but appropriate to the venue and engaging to the audience, thus increasing consumer interactivity. Consumers will be exposed to a combination of informational content (weather, news, sports scores, movie times etc.) restaurant promotions and menu offerings and advertising. DisplayPoints provides advertisers all the benefits of online digital communication. Not just the ability not just to deliver a static ad message, but also to engage their audience.
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